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Daniel was destined for great things. He sadly lost his battle with his mental health difficulties on the 17th June 2018. Daniel was loved by so many and touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people, friends, family, the gym and Powerlifting community. He was passionate about lifting and had a wealth of skill and knowledge that cannot be replaced. He devoted much of his time helping others to improve their fitness, lifting, techniques, form, with training, coaching and posting the many videos of his Powerlifting journey. Daniel was a champion Powerlifter; he had worked so hard to achieve what he did including representing England in the 2017 Four Nations competition. The tributes to Daniel, in their hundreds, have been overwhelming and comforting.

Daniel was autistic and he had suffered with extreme anxiety since a young child. He then had a road accident in 2010 where he sustained a head injury. He never fully recovered and was later diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome as well as depression with suicidal ideation. Daniel was unable to return to work despite trying several times. He started his clothing company Mammoth Power Clothing Ltd with his good friend Jordan Peek in 2016, something to keep him occupied and focussed, a reason for living. Lift Loud; Made for the Strong, was one of Daniel’s designs.

He started training at a gym with myself, Sue Willgoss, his mum, gradually building up his confidence and skills. He met new friends and found his passion for lifting, the body, muscles, how they work, his passion and interest was intense. Then in 2017 came the opportunity to have his own gym and Mammoth Power Gym was born, his dream come true. Sadly, that was not enough to keep the demons at bay.
The suicide rate for those with autism is 40% higher than the general population and is one of the leading causes of early death. The NAS report that over 70% of those with an ASD diagnosis will have or have had mental health difficulties. Most of these difficulties are apparent by the time they reach 18.
The suicide rates for men are three times that of women.

Something has to change; we will make change in Daniel's memory. Lift Loud Daniel, Lift Loud, wherever you are, and we will continue to Lift Loud in memory of you. 
In Daniel’s memory we launched the #LiftLoudForDanny fund.

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